10 Rock Albums That Almost Killed Careers

Musical Trainwrecks You Can't Look Away From.

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Any rock band that has been in the business long enough has had their fair share of bad albums. Nobody's perfect, so there's always a chance that even the sharpest music minds foul up from time to time. On the other hand, some of these failures are so spectacular that they practically put the group in jeopardy.

For one reason or another, these records ended up kicking up such a stink that the future of these acts almost seemed uncertain. Whether it was from in band fighting or for fear of being dropped by their label, these records weren't just your average foul-up. Even though these artists may have tried something new on these records, the resounding "NO" felt throughout the entire music community was enough to leave even the more confident artists cowering in fear. While most of these acts recovered from these failures, there were also a few who couldn't beat the odds and ended up falling apart shortly after these records were released to the public.

As opposed to just breaking up the band, these are the kind of records that make even the die hard fans lose their goodwill towards their musical inspirations. Even though anyone can get over a bad album, when you're career is actually hanging in the balance, you know you've created something that is on a whole different level of divisive.

10. Use Your Illusions - Guns N Roses

It might seem a little odd putting a career killing album on something that is actually pretty decent. I mean, since it's been heralded as a classic and had its praises sung across the world, how can it be responsible for the group's demise? Well, sometimes it's not about the music and more about what's going on around it.

On the surface, both Use Your Illusions albums are actually great, showing a myriad of different sounds that Guns N Roses are capable of. However, this also marks the tipping point of when Axl Rose's ego really started to go off the rails. With Steven Adler already sacked during the making of this album, the actual tour supporting the endeavor proved to be just as big of a disaster. As Axl proceeded to not show up for gigs and call in sick at others, the resulting riots from fans and self-destructive behavior from the other band members were too much to bear.

By the time everyone tried to calm down after the tour ended, Guns had their firearms drawn at each other, with The Spaghetti Incident? being the final thing they recorded before only Axl remained from the original lineup. Though the performances on here are stellar, the same can't be said for the ensuing promotional circuit.

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