10 Rock Albums That Were A Nightmare To Make

The Painful Side of Riffs.

Green Day American Idiot

On the surface, being a rockstar seems like the most cushy job in the world. I mean, how fun is it if you're only job is to make music, play a few songs, and once in a while entertain an audience of a few million people? Even though the inner workings of some rock bands seem pretty enjoyable, there's a lot more hard work that goes on than many people would give them credit for.

As opposed to just waiting for the right moment to strike, these records put their respective musicians through some of the worst struggles imaginable. Whether it be physical or just mental pressure, the players on these tunes walked away from these projects much differently than how they came in.

Then again, why is it so hard to get your sound down on tape? Well, sometimes it comes to being a bit of a perfectionist, other times it will be the producer, and on occasion it could just be these musicians just can't seem to get on the same page. Either way, we're glad they at least stuck it out long enough to give us these records. Not all of them have paid off in the long run, but at the very least these musicians came out of the fray as stronger people for it.

10. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Many artists would have died to be in the position Pink Floyd were after the release of Dark Side of the Moon. In just a short handful of tracks, these prog rock giants had created a monumental epic that would become an instant classic and take the more intellectual sides of rock to the mainstream. Fresh off the tour, Floyd emerged back in the studio and they were PISSED.

Barely even speaking to one another during the recording sessions, the grueling times out on the road seemed to enforce of the more deplorable ideas that came with being in a big time rock band. With the looming legacy of their former leader Syd Barrett still on their mind, Floyd used Wish You Were Here as a bit of a tribute to their fallen bandmate, as well as a dissection of just what the music business can do to you if you're not careful.

While the tone was already a bit strange in the studio, it also got 10x stranger when Barrett turned up at one of the sessions, looking virtually unrecognizable from his original self from the band's early days. In addition to having some of the most forward-looking musical ventures ever made, Wish You Were Here might also be the album in which Pink Floyd got a little too close for comfort on the musical front.

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