10 Rock Albums That Were Ahead Of Their Time

Nirvana really were trend-setters...

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It's insanely difficult for any artist to capture the mass public. Not only do you have to have good songwriting skills, but also be able to hit on a topic that defines what your generation stands for. These records may not have exactly captured the mainstream at the time, but these records hold up surprisingly well after their day in the sun.

Whether it be through new techniques in sound creation or the beginnings of a new genre, these albums have helped shape the future of rock regardless of their popularity at the time. Given the mass innovations, some of these albums were treated with either confusion or outright disdain by the public at large. However, playing these tracks again and again have led many people to take a second glance at just what they were listening to.

Many of these albums were misunderstood at the time, but generation upon generation have returned to them as the foundation of their sound. Here is just a small sampling of the works of genius that we all got after the fact. Their popularity may vary across generations, but each of these records deserve to be celebrated for how much ground they covered at the time.

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