10 Rock Bands EVERYONE Tried To Copy

When innovation becomes replication.


Every band worth their salt will try to make a sound all their own. For as much fun as it is to play in cover bands, the earth tends to move once you hit upon a sound you've never heard before. Then again, it's also just as easy to copy what came before you.

Even though rock has branched out beyond its initial sound in the '60s, many bands have come to the forefront with a sound that felt almost too perfect. No one could be these bands at doing what they do best, but that didn't stop millions of people trying to ride the coattails of that initial magic.

Whether it's the way they tune their guitars or the way they look at their career, these bands had a distinct way of playing that ended up rubbing off on many different generations of rock fans.

This can often be a testament to just how great these acts were, but sometimes it goes too far the other way and ends up falling into involuntary mockery rather than overt praise. You can call these bands trendsetters for the ground they covered, but when a band does its job too well, you also get the wannabes looking for a piece of the action.

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