10 Rock Bands That Destroyed Their Own Legacies

Black Flag threw it all away with one ill-advised decision...


It's a gift for any musician to have a legacy with their music. No matter how much flak comes your way from those around you, it all fades when you look back on a rich catalog of music behind you. At the same time, leaving that spotless track record can be a double-edged sword.

Whenever bands either take a break or retire from making records, the pressure is always on for the band to either reunite or come back together in the studio. Sometimes bands prefer to leave their legacy the way it is, while some emerge from the dead and end up defacing their older work.

Over the years, there have been many bands who have decided that they still have gas left in the tank only to be shown running on empty when it comes time to record. The records may not be bad nor the tours laughable, but this incarnation shows these phenomenal acts as a shadow of their former selves. The hot streak is always fun, but the victory lap is always when you can see the cracks appearing for these artists. Here are the bands whose recent work made us all want to reach for our older CD's for comfort.


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