10 Rock Bands That Made Songs Specifically For Movies

9. Desolation Row - My Chemical Romance

Paramore wasn’t the only emo band that was looking to get into the soundtrack business. Around the time that heavy rock legends like Trent Reznor was breaking into the world of film scoring, My Chemical Romance couldn’t have cared less about selling out with a soundtrack song, even writing Vampire Money as a retort to the Twilight films. If they were going to contribute a song, it would have to be for the right reasons, and that answer came when Zack Snyder first got into the comic book world.

Even though comic book movies have gone more the way of retro thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, MCR were actually the first band to get on the oldies bandwagon, with a hard hitting cover of Bob Dylan’s classic Desolation Row. Granted, this is a whole lot different than what Mr. Zimmerman probably envisioned, as the laid back acoustic guitar and harmonica is replaced with a snarling amount of fuzz and Gerard Way yelling at the top of his range.

While this doesn’t make any sense for the people who heard the original, it works surprisingly well in the context of the film. This was supposed to be a look at an alternate reality with different versions of superheroes, so it’s only natural that their music would sound a little different too. We got the folk revolution back in the ‘60s, but these kids got their kicks in the punk clubs around here.

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