10 Rock Bands That Survived Major Line-Up Changes

Who needs to stick with the originals all the time?

Wikimedia Commons

It's always a heavy blow when a rock band loses a singer. Once you find the key voice of the group, what do you do when that voice is no longer present? Though many bands have carried on without their signature voice, what happens when you have multiple components of your band leave you hanging?

Building up a new band from scratch is always a difficult decision for musicians. These new components not only have to match the intensity of their predecessors, but also put their own unique spin on the band to keep the music from sounding stale. While lesser musicians would consider throwing in the towel after the departure of band members, these musicians make this drastic transition feel seemless.

Aside from just having new members, these changes in personnel have not only led to the band having greater success, but have also granted them greater success thanks to the shakeup of the songwriting formula. Together with this new lineup, these bands have able to carry on with their music while still saying firmly rooted in their signature sound. Even when these groups were considered down and out, they found ways to not only survive but to thrive and come back better than ever.


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