10 Rock Bands That Wrote Songs In Different Genres

9. Life in a Glasshouse - Radiohead

Saying that Radiohead wrote a song in a different genre almost feels wrong. Ever since the days of Pablo Honey, Thom Yorke has been content to follow wherever his muse takes him, from the sounds of pure chamber music in some parts of A Moon Shaped Pool to the trance like atmosphere of The King of Limbs. In the wake of their first big pivot with Kid A, the follow up Amnesiac was just as experimental for completely different reasons.

Taken from the same sessions that birthed Kid A, every single track on this album feels like it's inching towards what that record was trying to accomplish, with the one exception being Life in a Glasshouse. Though songs like Pyramid Song and Packt Like Sardines certainly have the kind of aesthetic that Thom was going for on the project, Life in a Glasshouse is about as acoustic as either record gets, all with instruments that feel like they were pulled from the turn of the century.

Working with an ensemble known for soundtracking funeral dirges, the final moments of the album almost have a bit of a jazzy feel to them, as Thom talks about the fragility of what happens when you throw stones at people who are this open. There's a fair bit of snideness to a song like this, but this also might be the closest to what a 1920's version of Radiohead may have sounded like.

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