10 Rock Bands Who Had Horrible Original Names

Black Sabbath is good, but Earth? Not so much.

Black Sabbath Earth

It's a bit tough picking a moniker for your band. While many people would find it difficult to think of a name for just one song, putting together a jumble of words that you identify your music with seems nearly impossible.

Most bands hit the jackpot with the perfect combo of music and sound, but other bands had pretty questionable names during their inception. Whether it was through lack of thinking or just picking what they thought sounded cool, these bands would not have gotten where they are today if not for a name change.

Sometimes these band names aren't even that bad, but when accompanied by the group's music, it doesn't seem like the right fit. By the grace of the musical gods, these musicians were able to come to their senses eventually and rechristen themselves with names that put them on the fast track to rock and roll glory.

A lot of these bands have made bold strides throughout their creative tenure, but when it comes to getting the ball rolling, coming up with the band name proved to be a major stumbling block.

10. The Spooky Kids - Marilyn Manson

As the industrial metal scene began to spread across the world, there was no one as scary as Marilyn Manson. From the ghostly presence he exuded to the wild stories made about him in the press, many people genuinely believed that Manson was the Antichrist sent to corrupt the youth of America. If the band kept their original name though, we would be in for a much shorter conversation.

Originally coming from Florida, the band thought that they would rise to the top under the name the Spooky Kids. While there's nothing inherently wrong with that name, it's a bit tame when paired up with the music on songs like "Get Your Gunn" or "The Beautiful People." In their attempt to come off dark and ominous, the Spooky Kids just sounds like a name that you give to a band playing at a kids' birthday party rather than leading legions of metalheads.

Quickly coming to their senses, the newly rechristened Marilyn Manson captures the band's demeanor perfectly by combining two names that symbolize beauty and destruction. Marilyn Manson is the ideal name for this industrial mess, but if things had turned out differently, we may have been looking at one of the worst band names in metal history.


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