10 Rock Cover Songs Better Than The Original

Sometimes, the second time's the charm...

Taking Dawn The Chain

Living in a world full of reboot culture, it only seems fitting that cover songs are a staple to the music industry and help us to identify with a band right away with a song that is familiar to us. Now, this is a touchy subject because nobody wants to hear that their favorite song or musician was shown up by a later band doing a cover, but when it comes down to it, sometimes, just sometimes a cover turns out better than the original.

This is not to say that the original artists of these songs did not write or play good music, quite on the contrary. If the songs were not good, other bands would not want to cover them or get inspiration from them. With the following list, these are examples of bands that have taken great songs and taken them even further to help them be cemented as iconic music across generations.

With that in said, join me through this list as we discuss 10 bands that swung and knocked these cover songs out of the park.

10. “She” By Green Day – Covered By Mad Caddies

In Mid 2018 The Ska/punk band Mad Caddies released “Punk Rocksteady”, which is a collection of punk songs curated by Fat Wreck chords owner and NoFX front man Fat Mike, for the Caddies to cover. “She” was the first single released and right away took punk fans by storm by giving them a rendition of a Green Day song we can endure.

With tons of controversy amongst fans on the subject of whether Green Day is even a punk band, this cover song at least shows us that they can write songs that can hold up in punk culture. The Ska spin that Mad Caddies gives to this song helps it soar far and above the original by creating an even more catchy version of the song, and one that any ska and punk fan can get behind.


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