10 Rock Guitarists That Are Impossible To Duplicate

2. Tom Morello - Rage Against the Machine

Every guitarist in the world prides themselves on originality. Even if you're playing a cover song in your band, you always want to put your personal spin on things to make sure it's not just a carbon copy of what came before. Though it's debatable how much people succeed, Tom Morello has earned that distinction of never playing anything unoriginal in his life.

While we know him for his maniacal sounds in Rage, Tom was actually a diligent guitar student in the early days, spending his hours in between classes at Harvard practicing scales day after day. When everyone was following in the footsteps of someone like Yngwie Malmsteen though, Tom went more for strange sounds in Rage, putting together electronic noises that gave the music a whole new character every time he went for a solo. Without being nu metal, Morello served as the makeshift DJ of the band, making strange noises with the guitar that made other guitarists wondering how the hell he was pulling it off.

In the years since Rage's splintering though, Tom has only grown in his guitar playing, always looking to push his knowledge of the instrument a little bit further and finding even more off the wall sounds to create. When you look at the journey that he's taken with his instrument, Tom Morello almost feels like he belongs in the business of sound design rather than rock and roll.

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