10 Rock & Metal Bands That Still Have All Their Original Members

Staying true to yourself.

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There's always been some sort of lore around how members of famous rock bands manage to get along.

Then again, it's not that far removed from the regular coworkers jobs, outside of being tied to each other for months at a time and not being able to go home to your family when one of them gets on your nerves. It's just like a marriage at the best of times, if you had to quadruple it or quintuple it for the rest of your life.

You'd think that those moments would get old pretty fast, and yet these acts have found ways to stick it out with the same people throughout their entire career.

Granted, there have been moments when they've gone on hiatus or had a replacement come in for a spell, but it's always come back to the same group of people to this day. Knowing what goes on behind backstage doors, it's practically a miracle that this kind of thing can happen.

I mean, we all know the amount of sex and drugs that goes into a rock and roll band, so imagine having to deal with those hangups with your friends while still finding a way to get together for breakfast the next morning.

It sounds impossible, but somehow these acts have always found a way to make it work.

10. Rage Against The Machine

There's always been the overarching rule of not dwelling on politics or religion whenever you're building your audience. Especially if you're in the field of music, you can sometimes come off as either too pretentious for your own good or end up alienating a good portion of your potential fanbase.

Rage Against the Machine weren't like that though. These were men who stuck by their principles and were willing to go down swinging for what they believed in.

Made up of completely different influences, each member of Rage brought something interesting to the table. Despite his ties to hip hop, Zack de la Rocha feels more like a vocalist than a singer or emcee, using the cadence of his voice like an instrument to make you stand at attention whenever he sings.

Those words only work when you have a solid foundation though, and Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford deliver by playing in lock step with each other on both funky grooves and hard rock thundering tracks.

And there's really no Rage excitement without Tom Morello, who's zany guitar effects brought an element of terror and intrigue to the band's music. While they eventually went on a lengthy hiatus during the early 2000's, each member was adamant to never replace anyone in the band, with the rest of the guys forming Audioslave when Zack wasn't interested.

Still, since a potential reunion is right around the corner, what better time than now to have the sounds of Rage in full force again?

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