10 Rock Music Albums That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

9. Ramones - Ramones

The fact that the 1970s saw the rise of both punk and disco at the same time shows just how varied and interesting music can be.

Though it can trace its roots back to the late 60s, punk really burst onto the scene in the following decade and the Ramones were right at the forefront of the movement.

A band of fictional brothers, Ramones are regarded by many as the first honest-to-goodness punk band, writing short, punchy songs that resonated with the angry youth of the time.

Their self-titled debut album from 1976 was a watershed moment for the genre, but it would go on to have consequences for another subsection of rock many years later.

Listening back to Ramones now, you can clearly hear the blueprints for what would eventually become pop punk. The simple riffs, the themes, the humour, it's all there. Honestly, with a few tweaks, this album would have fit right in with the music of 1996.

After many years of languishing in obscurity, the Ramones are now finally getting their dues as one of the most important bands of the 20th Century.

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