10 Rock Music Bands With Unique Selling Points

You need to stand out in rock music and these ten groups certainly understand that.

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In business, a unique selling point (or USP) is something that makes a particular product or company stand out from its competitors. It might be the way a certain thing looks or a unique functionality, but what is absolutely imperative is that what it does isn't being done by anybody else.

This theory can be applied to other walks of life too, including rock music, which has gone hand-in-hand with promotion since the very start. It's one thing to be good musicians, but without something to hook the audience in, a band will spend their entire careers playing to empty rooms.

Low audience turnout is not something these ten acts will need to worry about, as they offer up a truly one-of-a-kind experience every time. Whether in their actual music or in the way they present themselves on stage, these bands are all immediately recognisable and have gained strong cult followings as a result.

There may well be other bands out there doing similar things to these guys, but these are the groups that made them famous and the ones most associated with these traits today.

10. A Revolving Line-Up - Arcade Fire

Good luck trying to figure out exactly who does what in the band Arcade Fire, because they do not make that easy to work out.

Hailing from the wild lands of Canada, Arcade Fire helped spearhead the indie rock craze of the early 2000s with their first two albums, Funeral and Neon Bible. The success of these studio releases allowed the band to mount several successful tours, which is where they established their best-known practice.

Lead vocalist Win Butler, the only remaining original member, is joined on stage by an army of performers; some formal members, others touring musicians.

The band are constantly moving around, changing instruments from song to song. Butler himself plays guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, and the mandolin, whilst other weapons in their arsenal include the accordion, concertina, panpipes, and several other things you probably haven't even heard of.

This revolving door system not only keeps things fresh, as audiences are never sure who they're going to see play what at any given time, but it also showcases how talented every member of the group is.

Honestly, most people would kill to play one instrument to a professional level, let alone several.

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