10 Rock Musicians That Get Way Too Much Hate

In Need of Redemption.

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Rock and roll has been around a long time, and there have more than a few guitar heroes than have come out of the blue. Even though none of these guys could be considered angels by any stretch, there’s always that feeling you get when you hear some of your favorite artists go up against the man and are able to deliver some of the best music that you’ve ever heard. In that same span of time, there have also been just as many villains coming into the fold as well.

While some of these artists have been controversial in their own way, that doesn’t make them bad by any stretch. Even with all of the deserved hate that comes their way, there’s no reason to slag off everything these people have done as crap. If you just see the forest for the trees, you sometimes miss some of the greatest music that you’ve ever heard without even realizing.

Despite their nasty reputation, every one of these artists has made their respective bands that much better along the way, whether that be through the press that they get for their new record or occasionally coming through with an amazing riff that puts the final piece in a perfect song. There’s no wrong way to play rock and roll, and even if these artists tested our patience a lot of the time, they still deserve a place in the genre’s history.

10. Yoko Ono

There seemed to be a hole left in the world of music when the Beatles decided to call it a day. Since they were the ones who ushered in new forms of rock and roll and brought the genre to new heights, seeing them fall out over business casted a shroud over the rest of the music world. Fans weren't looking to move on though. They were looking for someone to blame...and Yoko Ono pretty much checked every single box.

For all of the great artistry that she had gotten into before she even became John Lennon's partner, Yoko has carried the reputation as the one who tore everything apart, coming in between the Fab Four and urging John to do more avant garde work with her. If you were to ask any Beatle about what happened towards the end though, Yoko has much less involvement in their breakup than their managers, with Allen Klein getting them to work against each other and even John Lennon wanting out of the band because he was drifting away from them creatively.

There's even video evidence of the band getting along well in the studio during the Get Back documentary, where Paul McCartney even jokes that it would be the funniest thing in the world if the band broke up because Yoko decided to sit on one of their amplifiers one day. You don't have to like her music, but Yoko was not the cause of the Beatles' breakup. These were just four creative people that had said all they could possibly say together.

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