10 Rock Songs That Don't Sound Like The Artists Who Made Them

8. Was Dog A Doughnut? - Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens was once a staple of the folk rock scene, with songs like Father and Son and Wild World coming to all-but define the scene in the early '70s. Then he converted to Islam, took 30 years off from his mainstream career, and eventually came back under the mononym Yusuf.

But, before he went, he left us with 1977's Izitso. The second-last album of his original run, Izitso saw the folk legend expand his reach by experimenting with new genres and styles, blending synths and other elements with his core sound. And, while most of this experimentation was conducted safely within his usual lab, one song managed to slip through from strange, foreign, perhaps extra-terrestrial lands: Was Dog A Doughnut?

The baffling synthesised penultimate track goes off the rails quickly, using dog bark samples and ambling along through unfocused and disjointed electronic instrumentals that ultimately go nowhere, sounding more like a buried, late-period John Frusciante B-side than something by the man who once sat comfortably alongside Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel.


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