10 Rock Songs That Have NOT Aged Well

Truly the most shameful moments in rock.

Dude Looks Like A Lady Aerosmith

Art, in any form, has often strived to upset the status quo. Music, in particular, has been used to push boundaries and subvert the establishment. Challenging those aspects of society that seem archaic, go hand-in-hand with rock n' roll, as much as guitars and hard liqueur.

Born In The USA was Bruce Springsteen's brilliant dismantling of the idea of patriotism. F*ck Tha Police was NWA's stand against police brutality. And, Tracy Chapman's Why, questioned the injustices and contradictions of living in the so-called civilised country of America.

Sometimes, artists write songs to trigger thought processes, or encourage the reconsidering of a particular subject. 'Artistic liberty' is used to stray into uncomfortable realms that most of us wouldn't dream of exploring - this can work, but occasionally it misses the mark entirely.

Rock music is riddled with examples - of even the most celebrated artists - exploring subjects that either require a huge degree of caution, or are outright abhorrent. Not only have these songs not aged well, but it's remarkable they received airplay in the first place...

10. All In The Name Of... - Mötley Crüe (1987)

The snake-hipped rockers from Mötley Crüe were well known for their womanising. It's not hard to tell what was on their mind when they released their fourth album Girls, Girls, Girls. Every music video contained scantily clad strippers, and every other song made reference to some kind of sexual conquest.

Yep, scoring babes and shouting about it was all the fad in the '80s - and no one did it more verbosely than Vince Neil. It's impressive these guys managed to get so big by flogging the same dead horse for so long. But, it this was the '80s; pants were tight and morals were loose.

We can dismiss some of it as being of a time and a place, but it's hard to explain away one particular song on this album. Track seven revealed Vince Neil's appetite for female flesh extended to lusting over teenage girls. He wasted no time cutting right to the heart of the matter, with the opening line reading like a courtroom confession: "She's only fifteen, she's the reason that I can't sleep. You say illegal, I say legal's never been my scene, - I'm out of control".

Doesn't really leave much room for ambiguity, does it...

Might be best to skip this particular track next time you stick on the Crüe.


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