10 Rock Songs That Insulted Other Musicians

9. Cryin Like a B*tch - Godsmack

For all of the flashy stories that we hear in the press about hard rock, there is also a lot of pettiness involved as well. Even though it might seem like one big happy family, there are always those few musicians who like to just tear down the competition just for the hell of it, and end up looking like a jackass in the process. It’s the nature of the beast to be competitive, but Sully Erna was setting the battle lines down between him and the big leagues here.

While Godsmack’s drummer originally came up with the title for Cryin Like a B*tch based on a football game he was watching at the time, Sully took the title and ran with it, eventually writing lyrics that alluded to the bad blood that was going on between him and Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue at the time. While the timeline is fuzzy these days, the original dust up between the two happened when Godsmack were on tour with the Crue, and Sully wrote this song about the life of the pampered rock stars that he saw on the tour, practically dancing around the topic without ever really calling Nikki out.

Although a song might be your way to take aggression out, Nikki was not going to take kindly to being called out either, banning Godsmack from being on his shows and refusing to tour with them again. In his own bands like Sixx AM though, Nikki hasn’t decided to call Sully out just yet or anything. The hard rock world may have its fair share of macho posturing, but you’re on a different level when even Nikki Sixx can be seen as taking the high road.

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