10 Rock Songs That Mean Absolutely Nothing

The Art of Gibberish.


For years people have been itching to decipher the lyrics of their favorite songs. It's one thing to sing along with your favorite tune whenever it comes up on a playlist, but it's a completely different thing when you try to figure out what the band were really trying to say. There have been many profound rock songs throughout the years, but there's also no shame in writing something meaningless.

Though acts like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen pride themselves on writing some of the most engaging poetry the rock world has ever heard, it's just as easy to get your audience to pay attention if you just have a catchy melody to stick in their brains. People may think that these bands are trying to get at something more cerebral with their wordplay on these songs, but the real answer to all your questions is... nothing.

Even when interviewed about these songs, many of these bands have been upfront in saying that they don't have a clue as to what they mean. This could be considered stupid, but we all listen with our ears first and our brain second. You can try to find a deeper meaning behind these, but these songs have risen to the top by just saying gibberish.

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