10 Rock Songs That Took Shots At Other Artists

7. El Scorcho - Weezer

When looking at all the great rock stars of the past 20 years, Rivers Cuomo looks like one of the last people who would be willing to pick a fight with somebody. Outside of being known as the leader of the nerd rock band Weezer, Rivers was always looking to make songs that were more care free than what we had gotten used to with grunge just a few years before. Once Rivers started exploring his own psyche on Pinkerton though, he did have at least a few words to say about his competition.

While El Scorcho primarily involves Rivers chasing after a girl that he can barely talk to, he seems to take pleasure in knowing that she has never heard of Green Day. Even though Billie Joe Armstrong may have been one of the biggest rock stars in the world at that point, it's hard to even tell whether this line is taking shots or is self deprecating, almost like Rivers is praying that this girl wouldn't know him for being a rock star if she doesn't even know who Green Day is.

That was the end of the feud though, with Green Day never really acknowledging it publicly and the Hella Mega tour involving both bands sharing almost equal billing whenever they took to the stage every night. Then again, there might be a bit of an awkward air in the arena if Rivers dusts this song off for the set, knowing full well that Billie might be waiting in the wings.


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