10 Rock Songs Written About Real People

10. My Man - Eagles

Whenever you put on a record by the Eagles, you can safely just turn off your brain and settle into the pleasant grooves of California sunshine. However, don't let that trick you into thinking there isn't depth to the band's lyrical approach.

In the middle of the band's third effort On the Border, guitarist Bernie Leadon brings his singing chops to the ballad "My Man," whose subject matter is more heart-wrenching than you might expect. Before becoming a part of the California group, Leadon had been one of the founding members of the Flying Burrito Brothers, which was headed by country rocker Gram Parsons. As Leadon went on to greater heights with Glenn Frey and Don Henley, the news broke midway through the record cycle that Parsons had died after an overdose of morphine.

Plagued with grief, Leadon poured out his soul into "My Man," which was dedicated to Gram's memory. Throughout the track, Leadon reflects on his former bandmates's hell-raising and how his music could bring any listener to the brink of tears. "My Man" may be a lowlight in the Eagles' discography, but it remains a poignant tribute to a fine rocker whose light burned out way too quickly.

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