10 Rockstars That Hate You For Liking Their Music

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Don't Look Back Bob Dylan

Every artist will tell you that having a relationship with your fans is one of the greatest reasons to get into the business. By using just a few chords and a lot of heart, having the opportunity to connect with people just through your music speaks to something much bigger than just having similar taste in music. Having that kind of give and take from the audience should be one of the greatest hits of dopamine in the world...most of the time.

Across every generation of rock and roll, there have been thousands of rock stars who have had a bit of a complicated relationship with their fans to say the least. Either because of getting too much exposure at one time or just not liking the direction that their fanbase went, these artists actually could get downright nasty with the public, unwilling to partake in the media firestorm that comes with being the new band on the block.

That didn't stop their creative hot streak though, causing more classics to be made and even less of a tolerance for those who enjoyed them every single time they came across the stereo. There may in fact be a lot of gratitude at play here, but maybe these people were just a lot better playing to the smaller crowds.

10. Jim Morrison - The Doors

If there was any rockstar who would wanted to relish in the spotlight, it should have been someone like Jim Morrison. Being the basic litmus test for what a frontman should be, the Doors' resident poet laid out his soul bare whenever he took to the stage, making every single second of the performance feel like life or death. That is, until the Doors stopped by Miami towards the end of the '60s.

Towards the beginning of the set, you could really tell that the vibe wasn't right between Jim and the audience, which may or may not have been fueled by some alcoholic assistance backstage. While the Doors managed to make it through a handful of tunes during the set, Morrison started to show his true colors about midway into their runtime, as he starts to talk about his home in Los Angeles.

Everything starts to turn ugly really fast though once the crowd turns, as Morrison starts to call them idiots and comparing them to slaves that just go along with the program regardless of their own freewill. This was what eventually led to Morrison's arrest after the gig for involuntarily exposing himself to the audience, after which the Doors never took to the stage with Morrison again. For all of the mayhem he stirred up during his lifetime, this is the moment where that initial magic of the Doors was snuffed out entirely.

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