10 Scottish Bands You Need To Listen To

10. Big Country

When you think of Scottish music, the first thing that's likely to come to your mind is the traditional bagpipe and ceilidh music that's heavily associated with the country. While this music might not be to everyone's taste, one band managed to turn this aesthetic into energetic, wailing guitar anthems, and that band was Big Country.

Formed in Dunfermline in 1981, the band was fronted by vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Stuart Adamson (who previously fronted punk band Skids). Once described as "Britain's answer to Jimi Hendrix" by renowned broadcaster John Peel, Adamson and the rest of the band shot to popularity with their debut album The Crossing in 1983. Containing some of their biggest tracks 'Big Country', 'Fields Of Fire (400 Miles)', and 'The Storm', the record made it to number three in the UK and placed 18th in the Billboard 200 in America.

Even after Adamson's death in 2001, Big Country still continues to tour today with original member Bruce Watson providing vocals.

If you want to experience what made this band so memorable, then look no further than their New Year concerts in Glasgow and Edinburgh, which can conveniently be found online for our viewing pleasure.

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