10 Shocking Music Videos From Big-Name Artists

From the slightly inappropriate to the almost unwatchable.

Madonna Like A Prayer
Warner Music

There was a time - a time before YouTube and Spotify - when MTV reigned supreme and when people watched music videos on TV. It was a time when the channel - called Music Television, remember - actually played videos for songs, rather than just reruns of reality shows.

It was a time when future film-makers turned their hands to the medium, cutting their teeth amongst rockstars and winning awards for. It was a time before videos became mostly just an after-thought.

But not all music videos made it to the exalted channel. Because rather than seeing them as opportunities to show off their songs, some bands instead chose to make sure nobody was allowed to see them. Through a combination of bizarre, x-rated or downright disturbing imagery, they got their songs banned from MTV.

And it wasn't like it was just no-name bands either - some of the worst offenders were the most famous acts in music...

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