10 Song Lyrics That Nobody Understands

9. Every Verse Of Hash Pipe - Weezer

Weezer were not in the best of situations at the turn of the millennium. After coming out with a stellar debut album, the band were torn apart by fans and critics over their angsty followup Pinkerton. While many fans look back on that album with fond memories, the band decided to take things back to basics for their next outing.

Once the pounding riff of "Hash Pipe" blasted through the speakers, it seemed that Weezer finally knew how to rock once again. So what does River Cuomo want us to chant along with him? Well, a lot of things...none of which really relate to each other. Cuomo takes us on a ride throughout each verse as he talks about people on his tail, the flavor of knee stockings, and the children's cereal Trix.

With all this in mind, Cuomo offers a chorus suggesting that you kick him as he sits around with his hash pipe. It has since gone down in legend that Cuomo wrote this tune after taking a few shots of tequila along with a bunch of Ritalin pills. Judging by the inconsistent images of every line, I'm inclined to believe that some chemical assistance certainly contributed to making these surrealistic scenarios.

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