10 Song Meanings Fans Can't Accept

The Boss wasn't singing what you thought he was...

Columbia Records

Music is one of the most subjective art forms in the history of pop culture. No matter how much you may think that one song is trash, there's always someone else with a different perspective that renders your argument invalid. The whole thing gets even more fuzzy when it comes to lyrics.

From the moment a song blasts on the radio, fans are more than welcome to take what they want from the singer's lyrical prowess. They can be taken verbatim how they are, but most people tend to look at the words being sung as a metaphor for something bigger than themselves. On the other hand, the subject matter gets so out of hand that even the fans don't even believe the composer.

The lyricist can bear their soul into the lyrics they write, but it's not really their call to say how the audience will interpret their words. This leads to millions of skeptical fans around the world trying to crack the facade behind some of the most famous utterances in rock and roll. Regardless of how many times the writer has set the record straight, these are the interpretations that just refuse to go away.


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