10 Songs About How The Music Business Sucks

9. Bastard - Motley Crue

Having a decent manager behind you is more of a priority starting out than you would probably think. As much as you might be able to book your own gigs in the early days, this is the one person who's responsible for getting you paid at the end of the night and helping you grow your brand so you can become the biggest band in the world. If your manager decides to go dark though, you should also let him know why you're the wrong people to mess with.

Then again, the potential of Motley Crue succeeding in the early days was a bit of a 50/50 shot either way. While the band already had a unique sound, there was always a chance that one of them would die before they hit the big time, living some of the biggest excesses that the Sunset Strip had ever seen. When their manager left them for dead though, Nikki Sixx was looking for a little more than an apology on Bastard.

As opposed to just writing one long diss track, this whole thing almost plays like a fantasy sequence most of the time, with Nikki talking about finding this scumbag on the wrong side of town and killing him with a knife. Some of it might seem juvenile, but the guy in question may have wanted to watch his back. It might be a better deal you took, but no amount of money can protect you from the Crue coming at you with fire in their souls.

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