10 Songs Inspired By Real Events

Linkin Park's rage against the machine...

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Songs are always an open canvas for artists. Regardless of what kind of stuff they are going through in their lives, writing lyrics gives an artist the opportunity to let their imagination run wild and bear their soul on a record. Then again, it doesn't hurt when you're pulling from a real life experience.

Though pop music has not run short of songs that mean nothing, these songs are real life accounts from artists on what they have seen or read about first hand. These songs range from being straight recounts of old battles to stuff so shocking that it's almost puzzling that it actually happened at all. Some of these stories may seem too good (or bad) to be true, but once you do a little deeper digging, you see the real meaning behind these songs.

As opposed to being very introspective in your writing and combing through your own psyche, these tracks are the closest thing to reporting that pop music ever became. Even if you have these songs playing on loop, you might not realize that you're getting a history lesson from every branch of the music spectrum. Let the tracks play and the lesson begin.

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