10 Songs We All Know The Words To (But Wish We Didn't)

'Oh Mickey, what a pity, you don't understand...' NO, STOP IT!

Music is infectious. It brings us up, takes us down and always understands us, whatever mood we€™re in. It makes us sing, dance and consoles our woes whenever we need it. However not all music is good or worth singing about. There€™s always that one song, something which gets played on the radio 10 times a day, and even if it€™s just in the background and you€™re not paying attention, it€™ll filter through unknowingly until you find yourself unwillingly singing along. No matter how you try to avoid it, through exposure alone to almost any radio station€™s lack of variety, you€™ll know the lyrics by the end of the week. In a world of hashtags, social sharing of videos and having these songs play in every shop you go in, they will crawl into your brain and nestle there for weeks. In the end we€™re sure valuable information is being pushed out our brains all the time, just so we can store meaninglessly bad lyrics instead. Great.

10. Call Me Maybe €“ Carly Rae Jepsen

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWNaR-rxAic This sensationally infectious song has racked up 530 million hits on YouTube and 13.5 million in digital sales, and with numerous parodies and covers it defined autumn 2011 and the start of 2012. What was in Carly Rae Jepsens€™ favour was that she was generally unknown to mass audiences, whereas we all know now not to click on a Justin Bieber video; Jepsen had the element of surprise, and some really catchy lyrics. The sickly-sweet innocence of the song is also striking. In 2011 the other best-selling singles were Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. In comparison, this teen song about giving someone your number along with the simple structure of €œCall me, maybe€ makes for a cute little number amongst the break ups, sex and drinking of most pop-culture tracks.

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