10 Songs That Prove Paul McCartney’s Solo Career Is Better Than You Think

10. Another Day

Paul’s first solo single was much more polished than his debut solo album. Another Day is a classic, empathetic McCartney character study in the mould of She’s Leaving Home and Eleanor Rigby.

The song concerns a lonely woman living on her own in the city, going to work, her hum drum life only interrupted by visits from a “man of her dreams.”

”Oh, stay/don’t stand her up/and he comes and he stays/but he leaves the next day.”

The song features distinctive vocal harmonies from Paul and his wife Linda, a product of Paul’s desire to provide his music with a sound distinct from the Beatles. Paul’s bass playing is also prominently featured in the mix, apparently an error by engineer Dixon Van Winkle that was never corrected, it gives the track a unique sound.


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