10 Stoner Rock Bands You Need To Hear In 2016

There's some great music behind all that smoke...

Stoner rock (or desert rock) originates from the early heavy metal scene with bands like Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult playing a pivotal role in its transformation. It was artists such as Kyuss, Sleep and Monster Magnet that officially brought the genre term to prominence in the 90's, paving the way for the genre's most successful export Queens Of The Stone Age in the 2000's. As good as the noughties were for stoner rock, this current decade has really witnessed the genre flourish into ever increasing heights of artistic merit. The retro sound that exemplifies much of the genre is still present along with some sonic experimentation, making the past five years a period of great growth for the scene. The artists on this list range from the already accomplished to the rising stars of tomorrow. They all share one thing in common however and that is their love for classic heavy metal and floating psychedelic soundscapes, attempting to morph the sounds of the past into the sounds of the future. These ten artists are currently leading the way in the scene in 2016, all of them taking respectful nods to the genre's forefathers whilst incorporating new twists of their own into this uniquely hazy brew.

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