10 Stoner Rock Bands You Need To Hear In 2016

8. Tweak Bird

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mSYtizAhcE Tweak Bird fell from the sky in 2010 with a fantastic sound that blended mind-altering, psychedelic soundscapes with ear licking, wormhole riffs, wrapped up within a framework of back to basics songwriting. The band have mastered the art of the two minute hook, present on all four of their twee rocking releases so far. On songs like 'Tunneling Through' or 'Weight' the group waste no time in advancing their second nature pop sensibilities with memorable guitar riffs and melodic vocal harmonizing, permeating their "down the rabbit hole" sound. These two pride themselves on their happy, hard rock persona and it is an ideology that opens up various musical possibilities in a scene that sometimes lacks fresh imagination. Career highlights to date include the rhythm & blues, blast from the past 'Psychorain' from Undercover Crops or the tense, pent-up slinker 'A Sign Of Badness' from their latest LP Any Ol' Way. If you are looking for a more upbeat stoner rock troupe in 2016, look no further than this two-piece. Key Tracks: A Sun/Ahh Ahh, Tunneling Through, Psychorain, Whorses, A Sign Of Badness
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