10 Surprising Instrumental Tracks You NEED To Hear

Let the music do the talking.

Warner Bros

There have been countless thought-provoking lyrics written throughout music history. An obvious staple of the medium, many are pulled in by a catchy tune, but stay to listen to a lyricist's perspective on whatever subject they're choosing to tackle.

So, what happens when the music doesn't have anything to say - at least through words?

Over the years, many fantastic artists have put their lyrical prowess on pause and released instrumental tracks that stand on their own. Most of the time these songs are not about telling a story or sending a message, but creating a mood or painting a sonic picture in the listener's mind.

Instrumentals also offer opportunities for musicians to stretch out beyond their typical band member roles. Rather than having a singer guiding the listener through the song, these tracks must rely on melody alone in order to capture an audience.

These are a few shining examples of engaging instrumentals that are more than just "that song with no words." Sure they don't have words, but they also don't need them.

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