10 Terrible Songs By Great Artists

Swing and a Miss.

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No band has the ability to hit it out of the park every time they go into the studio. As much as you might not like to admit it, these musicians that manage to make hits again and again are still human at the end of the day. And humans screw up...sometimes in the most glorious way possible.

Regardless of the pedigree they may have had before making these songs, these musicians have some explaining to do for the travesties that they inflicted on us here. While not necessarily the worst things in the world every time, these tracks are definitely not up to the standard that we normally expect, leaving us feeling more and more disappointed as we wait for the next album to come out. Hell, even the band themselves might not like these songs, blaming it on some sort of weird experiment that was a horrible mistake. Then again, that's the beauty of the music industry isn't it?

Even though there are times when you experiment, you can at least get a better handle on what works for your sound and what doesn't. It's an ever evolving process of making music at the end of the day, but that doesn't mean that we necessarily want to listen to these songs again.

10. Roll the Bones - Rush

For a band that was active for nearly 40 years, it's stunning to look back at how solid of a track record Rush had throughout their tenure. Though there have definitely been some hills and valleys, there aren't too many songs by the Canadian power trio that could be considered bad. Roll The Bones deserves a spot among that group as well...if not for really questionable arrangement choices.

Hidden somewhere in here is a top tier Rush song, with lyrics that detail Neil Peart's philosophies regarding existentialism and the reason why we're put on this Earth. As we get to the middle though, we come upon the moment where things switch up. So what's it gonna be this time...epic guitar solo....phenomenal bass break? Nope...how about some rapping for all you prog heads to enjoy.

Seeing how this was a moment in rock where nothing really made sense, it hurts to see Rush going down the road of 'funky fresh flows,' with Geddy Lee performing most of this rap and being pitched down lower in post production. Truth be told, the lyrics aren't even half bad, when you ignore the fact that it's coming out of the mouth of a man who wouldn't know what a lyrical flow was if it punched him in the mouth. While gangsta rap may have had its own thing going on at this point, this kind of herky jerky delivery is why the late '80s died such a gruesome death.

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