10 Things Only System Of A Down Fans Will Understand

We play Russian Roulette every day with a bullet called life.

System Of A Down are an American-Armenia rock/metal band that have been playing music for over twenty years, forming in 1994 in Glendale, California. The group have been wildly successful, being nominated for four Grammy Awards and even going on to win the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. Having sold over forty millions albums, the band were still dizzyingly successful when they decided in 2006 to go on a lengthy hiatus. Just one year previously they had released two albums, both of which debuted at Number One in the US, earning themselves a place in musical history for having two studio albums reach Number One in the same year (a feat they achieved alongside The Beatles, 2Pac, DMX and Guns N' Roses). Following the hiatus, the members of System spun-off into various solo endeavours. Serj began working on his first solo record Elect The Dead, Daron and John formed new project Scars On Broadway and Shavo joined a hip-hop group named AcHoZeN. For four years the guys took time apart to work on their own stuff, eventually coming back together in 2010 to play a string of live shows. Since then, the band has been appearing here and there, participating in various tours and festivals. Having been on the scene for so long (and now having gone so long without writing anything new) it's no wonder fans of the band have begun to recognize a range of familiar problems...

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