10 Things You Didn't Know About Kanye West

It can't be easy being Yeezy.

It can't be easy being Yeezy. Somewhere between his platinum-selling records, his groundbreaking collaborations, his business empire, his fashion escapades, and his celebrity spouse he still manages to find time to have the most entertaining twitter feed on the face of the earth. Most other rappers are lucky if they can manage half of that. Ever since his infamous outburst at the 2009 VMAs - and let's face it, Single Ladies is a much, much better video than You Belong With Me - Kanye's gone from mainstream musician to the most famous man on the entire planet. His every move and, naturally, his every word sparking discussion and debate as the rest of the world tries to make sense of it all. But despite living his entire life in the centre stage, some of Kanye's most interesting misadventures have somehow managed to avoid becoming public knowledge. His childhood, his origins, some of his more out-there hobbies, and even his as yet unreleased collaborations are things even the most diehard Yeezy fans remain blissfully ignorant about. Until now. Presented in all their glory, here are some staggering facts about West's life, career, and aspirations. Some strange, some astounding, but all of them typically Kanye.
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