10 Things You Never Knew About Green Day

Odds, Ends, and Leftover Dookie.


There's pretty much no way of listening to modern rock without getting past Green Day. Not long after they achieved mainstream success with their album Dookie, these bunch of punk brats from the Bay Area started to turn in some of the greatest rock albums of the modern age, even staging one of the greatest comebacks of all time with American Idiot. Though there's a practical treasure trove of info on these guys, what are the real nitty gritty stuff that you may have missed?

Yeah, rather than just your average punk outfit, all the members of Green Day have had more than a few creative endeavors on their plate at one time. Whether it's the way that they approached their own band or the relentless schedule they have working with other artists, you're only scratching the surface area if you decide to just give their hits a few spins.

Even though the actual songs speak for themselves, these little tidbits have had a hand in making these guys what we know them as today. Instead of hearing the meaning behind American Idiot for the umpteenth time in a row, these are the little eccentricities of one of the greatest bands to come from the pop punk movement.

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