10 Times David Bowie Surprised Everyone

10. The Next Day

Following a burst of creativity with the well-received albums Heathen and Reality, Bowie went quiet for ten years - quiet by his own standards at least. The consensus was he'd done the unthinkable and retired from making music. He then confounded everyone by abruptly announcing his 2013 release The Next Day and the single Where Are We Now? The well that had seemingly run dry suddenly overflowed. Bowie went on to unveil The Stars (Are Out Tonight), in my view the best ever track of his latter career, which looked back at his cosmic past whilst infusing it with the maturity of his sixty-odd years on this crazy, irrefutably blue planet. He didn't skimp on the eye-opening developments here either, as the video featured the stellar combination of Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman. The cover image for the album was bold and no-nonsense, a crude caption plastered all over the defining image of Bowie from Heroes. This stated he was back, but there were going to be some changes. The record received rave reviews and he found himself in contention for awards across the musical spectrum. Proof if any were needed that the man's star hadn't waned.
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