10 Times Kanye West THOUGHT He Blew Your Mind

Whoa, that's so... so... deep?

No one is more confident in Kanye West's ability to blow your mind than Kanye West. That should be pretty clear every time he opens his mouth. And you have to give the guy credit, he seems to have the art of the pull quote down to a science, with magazines and news shows chomping at the bit to see what kind of egotistical, pseudo-philosophical soundbite he's going to give them. But sometimes Kanye starts to believe too much in his ability to pull gold out of thin air. He's so used to delivering killer lines (in his songs and in interviews... and also when speaking to photographs of himself) that he seems to think anything he says is going to be mind-blowing. This, tragically, is incredibly untrue. Because the thing about Kanye West is that he never really stops talking. So anyone who spends as much time moving their mouth up and down as Kanye is bound, statistically, to say some pretty clever things. But after a little digging, you can be assured that if you were to listen to an hour's worth of uncut Kanye in everyday life, you'd come across like your uninteresting sibling who tries too hard to sound "deep" on Facebook.
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