10 Times Rock Bands Trolled You

The original pranksters.

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Troublemaking is part of the rock n' roll lifestyle, and sometimes it's hard to know when a band is being serious or not.

We're not talking the social media abuse-type of trolling here - instead it's all the times where bands did something wacky, and strung you along.

Whether it is ludicrous live performances to hidden track shenanigans, or an unexpected direction for a band's sound, sometimes bands toy with fans, critics and their labels in a bid to have a laugh and grab some headlines.

Well, with fans looking for clues that Green Day's next album Father of All Motherf***ers could be straight up trolling to escape a contract, let's take a look back at ten times bands were just fooling around.

The only rules for this list are that we're allowing one troll per band, from any decade, and solo artists can count as well.

What is your favourite time your favourite band got one over on an audience? Let us know in the comments below!

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