10 Totally Cheesy Songs (That Are Still Awesome)

A fondue of cheesy '80s nostalgia.

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What lies behind the eternal fascination the millennial generation has with the 1980s?

Does the space-age sound of a synthesiser remind us of an expected future brimming with optimism, as opposed to the hellscape that we occupy now? Or is the opposite true? Does the dated sound of a synthesiser help us to revert back to a more innocent time, before we arrived at this hellscape? Escapism seems key to it all; this fascination is all rooted in nostalgia, but the pervasiveness of it is more potent because the need to escape is more intense than ever. Reagan and Thatcher were c*nts, but they at least tried to conceal the extent to which they were c*nts through the medium of "politics".

This millennial generation, perhaps seeking to make any sort of connection to a chaotic and fractured world, is obsessed with that which goes viral - and the following songs are infectious. Cynically infectious: these were songs were mostly designed to command the MTV airwaves, jostling for rotation with the most deafening, overblown hooks.

These songs are aural reminders of or echoes back to a more innocent time, powered also by the notion that, no longer suppressed by an aspiration towards the cool, we are "allowed" to like them now...

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