10 Truly Terrible Albums By Legendary Artists

Lou Reed and Metallica was NEVER going to work.


There is an argument that most bands have at least one great album in them. It's usually their first, when they've had the advantage of years to build and refine their songs.

The trouble tends to set in further down the line, when a dearth of creative inspiration or overbearing record company pressure causes an act to settle for a lot less than they should.

The longer a band's career runs, the more likely they are to deliver an album that fails to meet the standards they've set for themselves; when the creative well is empty and inspiration is no longer forthcoming.

With acts of the magnitude featured here, it's not unreasonable to forgive a moment of catastrophe; when all objectivity has deserted and they can't tell the good from the bad or the downright ugly.

Treat this as the opposite of the traditional buyer's guide - either proceed with caution or avoid at all costs.


10. AC/DC - Black Ice

After years of fevered anticipation, the arrival in 2008 of lead-off track, 'Rock And Roll Train', promised so much.

With the classic AC/DC groove, Malcolm's crunching guitar and the distinctive sound of Angus Young - admittedly it wasn't classic AC/DC but it would've made a decent album track in the Bon Scott years. Unfortunately, that was the best track on an album without one other memorable song.

The reason 'Black Ice' didn't get slated by critics the way so many of their preceding albums did, was down to the strength of affection felt for the band by those same critics - they'd been hoping against hope that AC/DC would revisit the heights of 'Back In Black' or any of the Bon Scott era albums.

There's been quite a few years of good news/bad news stories since 'Black Ice'. On the plus side 'Rock Or Bust' in 2014 was pretty good, but on the downside, the death of Malcolm Young and the sidelining of Brian Johnson for health reasons dealt one hell of a blow. Rumour has it that there is a new album in the pipeline - there's a lot of fans with fingers crossed for a return to form.

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