10 Underrated Classic Rock Albums Of The '70s

Wings and the diamonds in the rough from Rock's Golden Age.

Jim Summaria [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

The '70s are typically heralded as the golden age of rock and roll. No matter what type of rock music you are into, chances are some of its best material came out just at as the '70s got underway. The classics of this era tend to get such a halo effect around them that some pretty great albums end up getting left by the wayside.

As opposed to the classics, these are the albums that never seem to get the praise they are due. Granted, some of these artists have had their fair share of classics already under their belt, but these records deserve to be celebrated for their subtle strokes of genius. Whether it was the band trying something different or getting back to their roots, these records run the gamut from danceable to rattling the rafters.

Some of these albums are even from artists who didn't get their just due as legends of the genre. Even if these records didn't get the attention back in the day, the riffs still hold up as some of the greatest to come from these bands' amplifiers.


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