10 Underrated Metal Albums Of The 1990s

Heaviness of the Grunge Era.

Vertigo Comics

The 90's were not exactly kind to metal. While the genre definitely had its fair share of highlights at the beginning of the decade, the arrival of grunge and the caricature of nu metal made all of the original heavy sounds feel stale and out of date.

That's not to say that the decade was completely devoid of highlights though. While bands like Pantera and Tool were still dominating the landscape, there were several lowlights that ended up having more bright spots than you probably remember. Some of these records even took the more conventional grunge and alternative sounds and turned them into something much heavier than you might have thought.

These records may not have exactly set the world on fire, but their influence may carry a little more weight than you might think. What these releases didn't acquire in mainstream attention they have made up for in the thousands musicians who have shouted their praises over the years.

Whether it's metal fed through grunge, glam, alternative or just a straight-ahead bludgeoning, the songs present on these albums are sure to leave any metalhead with a smile on their face. It may have been the decade of brooding angst, but at the time, these are the albums that you could really bang your head to.


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