10 Underrated Musicians In Legendary Bands

Secret Weapons Among Rock Gods.

George Harrison Producer

In every band, there always that one guy who isn't pulling their weight. As much as the musical unit might be looked at like a democracy, these people are just content to fade into the background and not have to worry about the fame and attention that comes from the frontman or the guitar player. What you've been missing out on though is some of the most important factors of your favorite acts.

As much as these people might shy away from the limelight, they are just as important in the foundation of these acts...just not in the same way. While some of these musicians might work great at their support role, you'd be surprised to find out how much of a hand they have in the construction of classics, going so far as to write most of the material and come through with some of the best riffs that you've ever heard.

Hell, some of these guys may have been known as the key member of the band if the camera had decided to swing their way a little more often. Whether it's adding the occasional harmony or building walls of sound, we wouldn't be talking about these bands today were it not for these musicians. Then again, sometimes you have to look at the background to get the full picture.

10. Robert DeLeo - Stone Temple Pilots

Ever since the '90s alt revolution spat on them, time has been a lot kinder to Stone Temple Pilots. Despite being heralded as posers riding in on the grunge bandwagon, albums like Purple and Tiny Music showed that they had a lot more going on under the hood than just Pearl Jam ripoffs. As much as Scott Weiland gets a lot of credit for it, these records wouldn't be half of what they are if not for Robert DeLeo.

Compared to the more riff based style of playing that you'd get from grunge rock, DeLeo seems to have a background much more informed by jazzy players, which is evident the moment you hear songs like Plush. As much as the distorted riff catches your ear right off the bat, DeLeo is flying all over his bass, even playing around with the melody from time to time to keep things grounded.

You can tell that this kind of jazzy background is a common thread with his brother Dean DeLeo, whose erratic soloing styling seems reminiscent of Jimmy Page if he had listened to a lot of Allan Holdsworth when he was growing up. For anyone who thinks that the bass playing is just the downgrade of rock guitar, Dean DeLeo's style is still out there giving many six-stringers a run for their money.

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