10 Worst Band Breakups Of All Time

Ever think Axl Rose just takes a minute?

guns n roses live and let die

A band is very much set up like a marriage. No matter how much time you dedicate to your musical ventures, every member has to evolve together if they wanted to make music that will stand the test of time. Then again, it only takes a few harsh words for things to come crashing back down to Earth.

It's never fun dealing with a breakup, but even some of the biggest bands of all time got really ugly when deciding to pack it in. Whether it was over money, time constraints, or just someone wanting to be a diva, these bands would not go quietly when it came time to call it a day.

While you can't expect these bands to be pleasant with each other all the time, looking at some of these breakups turn fans into disgruntled children as they watch their musical parental figures argue.

Instead of kiss and makeup, these bands decided to take the easy way out, with middle fingers in the air and knives in more than a few of their backs. They may have been able to make beautiful music while together on the stage, but these musical marriages were bound for divorce court at some point.

10. Simon & Garfunkel

Simon and Garfunkel are probably one of the last bands you'd think of as having inner turmoil. Throughout the '60s, their lush use of harmonies and fantastic folk pastiches became a beacon of light for anyone who ever felt like an outsider from the hard rock crowd. The music may have been a safe haven, but not so much for the duo who created it.

As the duo went into the studio to record their masterpiece Bridge Over Troubled Water, things started going sideways immediately. While the vocal chemistry was still there, the pair were each drifting towards other things, with Art Garfunkel wanting to pursue an acting career in the film Catch-22.

It's always necessary for bands to have a break from each other, but the drawn-out production of the film forced Simon to sit on a lot the album's material for months.

By the time Art finally arrived to track vocals, the tension was so tight that they fought tooth and nail about which songs would be included on the album. Though the pair have insisted that creative differences drove them apart, there's clearly something else lurking underneath the surface considering that the two barely spoke in the time since their breakup.

Simon and Garfunkel have since reunited off and on for different occasions, but don't expect to be treated to new music from them any time soon.


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