10 Worst Hard Rock Lyrics Of The ‘80s

Neon-flavored duds.

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Most of the rock world was meant to be larger than life in the '80s. Whereas the pop universe was getting into synthesizers and grand soundscapes, the subgenres of thrash, hair metal, and alternative were progressing by leaps and bounds, with every band reaching for more grandiose musical styles. Though the weight of these songs can't be denied, some of the lyrics may have benefited from going back to the drawing board.

Granted, most of the hard rock of the day seemed to be about the menacing riffs or the high-pitched singers, but when you have one line that stands out as particularly bad, you never really seem to forget it. A lot of these songs have stuck around because of how catchy they are, but fans end up remembering these lines for completely different reasons.

From talking about mythical beasts to gritty streets to rebelling against authority, these songs have a lot on their mind but don't necessarily have the lyrical prowess to carry it over into classic status. Lyrics may not have been the main draw in this stage of hard rock, but a lot of these songs deserved to be looked over a little more before being pressed to vinyl.

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