11 Hugely Anticipated Rock And Metal Albums Coming In 2015

8. Bring Me The Horizon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkV5709EG5M Remember the first time you heard Bring Me? Chances are you'll remember far more vividly how fast you tried to plug your ears, as so wretched were Olli Sykes' vocals and the band that backed him, that although there were elements in there that could be stretched out and refined over time, it was just a mess. Luckily Olli and the gang realised this, with Sykes himself taking some vocal classes alongside the band getting their act together whilst touring alongside heavy metal legends Machine Head. The resulting album was 2013's Sempiternal, a fantastically up-to-date collection of brilliant tracks that included some sections purely built for the biggest crowds possible - not to mention riffs and a general menace throughout that easily garnered the band thousands of new fans. Come the close of last year and the band are almost completely unrecognisable on latest single Drown; a very clean, very well produced sing-a-long that shows the band are well aware of how large they've become and are writing songs to suit. Whether that's good thing considering the many different directions they've tried in the past or not is up to you, but the band themselves seem to know exactly what they're doing.
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