11 Massive Faux Pas To Avoid When You Go See A Band

Some things just have no place at a gig...

So, you€™re off to see your favourite band. You€™ve got your ticket, your mum€™s dropping you and your friends off in time to buy some merch before the support act hits the stage (also, you€™re 23, stop scrounging lifts off your mum) and you€™ve listened to nothing but that band all week to make sure you definitely know all the words to all the songs, just so you can definitely sing along, and not look foolish. But wait, there€™s even more gig etiquette to observe. Some unwritten rules, which so many dim-witted fools fall prey too. Fret not though; we€™re here to help you avoid those dreaded faux pas that could otherwise have you looking like a prize idiot. We all want you to have fun at the show€.gig? Concert? No, never concert. We€™ll call it a gig. See, this isn€™t easy; so much can go wrong before you even start. Call it the wrong name, mispronounce the support act€™s name, there€™s plenty to make sure you don€™t do. There€™s plenty to make sure that you do, though, like having fun, taking it all in, singing along, not forgetting your ticket, easy stuff, but we€™re here to remind me you of a few of the little errors regularly committed by audience members. So face front, and avoid doing these, and if you have done these, hang your head in shame! Then pick your head back up, the band are about to start.
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