11 Problems Only Paramore Fans Will Understand

All we know is loving Hayley.

Paramore, also known as The Hayley Williams Experience (okay, so maybe not, but it can certainly feel that way sometimes) were formed in 2004 in Franklin, Tennessee. Since then, the band have gone on to achieve massive success, releasing four studio albums and touring the world extensively.

From the darker, grittier sound of All We Know Is Falling to the poppier self-titled Paramore, they've covered a fantastic range of sounds, never once letting up on quality. Though the band haven't even been formed for a decade, it sometimes feels as though Hayley and the guys have been on the scene for much longer, so swiftly have they ascended to rock superstardom. It doesn't matter whether you've been listening since Riot! or just recently heard the band through Still Into You, being a Paramore fan means loving their music while also experiencing a certain number of familiar trials and tribulations. Just what are those trials and tribulations? By the time you've finished reading this list you'll have Brand New Eyes...
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